British Plastics Federation

Client: British Plastics Federation
WebSite: www.bpf.co.uk
Course taken: Networking Skills & Presentation Skills

A two-pronged communication programme for executives at an organization with a surprisingly long-standing heritage, yet that represents industry members whose essence is innovation.

British Plastic Federation executives sometimes need to be experts, and sometimes they need to act as ambassadors.

They wanted to develop how they communicated at informal events, where their objective might be to build relationships. However, they also wanted to be effective when making formal presentations either as lobbyists, or when keeping members involved in new government policy developments.

The workshops encouraged participants to think strategically about how they influence others. They learned tips about how to create a holistic plan rather than operate in a piecemeal way. We also explored how we persuade through subtle ways, such as non-verbal signals. The participants were guided to get across a clear, succinct message about the organisation and their roles in it. They had opportunity to practice and get feedback with both formal and informal communication.

What the client said:

For Networking Skills:

“Helpful in preparing to engage in effective networking, and for understanding how I come across in social situations.” Matt Davies, Industrial Issues Executive

“We got a very good, clear understanding of networking. Well delivered.” Alex Miles, Business Development Executive

“Very well delivered. Fun, interesting and enjoyable.” Kim Hawksworth, Marketing Executive


For Presentation Skills:

“Excellent. Great content and really made me think about what I do.” Stephen Hunt, Membership Services Director

“Useful and interesting. Good workshop, good techniques.” Paul Baxter, Events Executive

“Very useful day, interactive and fun.” Kim Hawksworth, Marketing Executive