Case study


A one-day workshop in presentation skills for a team of scientists who were engaged in innovating new prosthetic products for use in surgery.

Their strengths lay in their technical expertise, but the success of the team and its individual members also depended on their ability to influence upwards and across departmental lines. Presentations were identified by group manager, Matt Chandler, as a key opportunity for this kind of influencing.

After the training, the participants were more focused on tailoring their message to the audience and projecting themselves as experts.

What they say

Karen was excellent! She was knowledgeable, relaxed with an easy manner, but also pleasingly direct and candid where appropriate.
Matt Chandler
NPD Group ManagerĀ 
Very knowledgeable trainer, and excellent communicator of new ideas.
Clinton Roscow
Senior Technologist
The trainer was very clear and gave constructive feedback.
Zenab Ayub