Where would the training workshop or coaching session take place?

It can take place on your offices if you have a suitable room, or we can hire a third space.

I’m also able to provide one-to-one coaching at my premises in London N1 in some circumstances.

For group workshops, it’s a good idea to have a large room which can be cleared of furniture so that there’s plenty of free floor space for exercises. We may require access to a laptop or pc, a projector or flipcharts.

Do you do open courses?

Yes, in Presentation Skills at City University, London.

The eight week programme programme runs Thursday evenings three times a year in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. For more information and booking, please go to the City University Short Courses site.

The programme can be very popular, so book early.

Participants have given the courses very good reviews. Susanna Bennett (Spring 2015) said: “I absolutely loved it! I thought it was very well structured. I felt like I learned something new every week and that I progressed a lot over the course.” Judith Smythe said: “Excellent. It was great fun. I was pushed hard and got useful feedback.” Ai Shimohama described taking part as “one of the best decisions I made in 2013.”

NEW: I also now run an Advanced Presentation Skills one-day workshop, independently of City University, which is open to anyone who has had some presentation skills coaching or training with me in the past, and who wants to brush up their technique or work on some aspects in more depth. The first workshop ran on Saturday 16th March, 2013.

Jateen Vaghela said: “Karen provides meaningful insight into communication and presentation. I have found the Advanced Class significantly beneficial and it’s provided me with useful insights into being a better presenter.”

Ai Shimohama said: “Very insightful. Good to have a feeling of more “private tuition” with a smaller group.”

Chris Reidy said: “I thought the workshop was fantastic. To get such detailed feedback on my presentation skills was invaluable. I gives me lots more confidence going forward. And it’s good to have discovered that I’m applying effectively the techniques I learned in the original course at City University.”

Please contact me for details of further dates.

Do you do in-company training?

In-company training is Resonance’s speciality.

Each course is specially tailored to your needs and objectives. You may find it useful to structure your ideas around a suggested outline, or we can collaborate to create something entirely new to suit you.


What’s a typical workshop like?

There is no typical workshop!

However, Resonance does have a distinctive approach.

Practical, creative exercises are central to all courses whatever the topic. The sessions are interactive and, depending on the objectives, they may include techniques from the theatre, psychology or other fields.

Practice for real-life situations is also an important component. New techniques are tested in specially designed role-play exercises which replicate challenging, relevant situations.


Is the training pitched for beginners, or more suitable for experienced people who want to brush up their skills?

It’s for anyone, whatever your level.

When we work together to design a workshop or coaching programme, we’ll discuss your previous experience and training so that we can pitch the training to your needs. We’ll set realistic goals, and there will be tips for you on how to continue developing on your own beyond the training.

For group workshops, it is usually a good idea to collect together people of similar degree of experience. However, if there are some differences, it can be an excellent opportunity to share best practice.


Should I chose a group workshop or one-to-one coaching?

It depends on you.

If you have a number of people in your team with similar needs, group workshops may be the choice for you.

The benefits of opting for a group workshop format include: the chance to learn by observing as well as participating; receiving support from other group members, if the individual participants are well matched in roles and agendas; and the team-bonding which comes from sharing challenges and exploring solutions.

Small groups (between 4-6 participants) are best when it’s a priority for the individuals on the team all to have a chance to participate fully and receive extensive tailored feedback.

Larger groups are also great for team-bonding. For instance, if you’re planning a conference, and are looking for a interactive session that’s fun and still has a practical benefit, a Resonance workshop could be an ideal fit. Another choice for very large groups might be to book Karen for a lively and thought-provoking lecture.

On the other hand, you may want to choose one-to-one coaching if you are an individual looking to improve your skills, or if you have just one person you need to develop in a particular area. Coaching sessions are usually not a one-off event, as they provide an opportunity for the coachee to alternate between applying the learning, and coming back to Karen to pick up further techniques or to analyse progress so far.

The benefits of one-to-one coaching include: you won’t be vulnerable to peer judgement; we can be more flexible about timing and training location; the coaching will be tailored to your specific individual needs; and you get Karen’s total, undivided attention and support!

It doesn’t have to be either/or. In the past, some clients have chosen to combine group workshops with individual coaching for specific individuals within the team. Other clients have opted to work within a two-to-one format.


How much will it cost?

As each programme is tailored to the client, this is difficult to predict before a consultation. We do discuss fees in the early stages of the consultation, so you won’t find yourself in the dark about what costs the work will incur.

Once we’ve established your needs and goals, and have a suitable format, Resonance will send you a written proposal with all the options and their respective costs set out in detail. Then, it’s up to you to select whatever you think represents the best value for you.