Increasingly, we have to be excellent communicators in all kinds of different circumstances to all kinds of people.

This is where developing the right skills is invaluable. Your credibility depends not only on your professional expertise but also on whether others choose to believe in you.

Whether you’re communicating through e-mails and reports, or speaking at meetings and presentations, you can make sure that people are engaging with you and getting the message you’re sending.

This might mean choosing to learn how to harness the natural power of your voice and how to adopt relaxed, assertive body language. On the other hand, you may want help in structuring your facts and opinions effectively, and in using the kind of language which will persuade your target audience. Or perhaps what you really need is simply the opportunity to practice with an expert.

The courses outlined below are all starting points. Each Resonance course is tailored to the client so the specific form and content of the course is always relevant. For instance, one Influencing Skills course may be quite different from another. For a deeper insight, have a look at the Case Studies to get an idea of the range and how the client benefitted.


Interview Skills

Will you impress your interviewers?


Using Your Voice

Is your voice being heard?


Speechwriting Skills

Do you know the tricks of rhetoric?


PRISM Psychometric Profiling

How well do you know yourself?


Presentation Skills

Are you a confident public speaker?



Are you making your presence felt?


Networking Skills

Are you making the right connections?


Managing Your Stress

Are you frazzled?


Leadership & Teamwork

Are you a good collaborator and leader?


Communicating Across Languages & Cultures

Are you navigating global differences?


Influencing Skills

Can you win hearts and minds?


Learning to Facilitate & Train

How do you develop others?


Business Writing

Can you make your point on the page?