Case study


Eduserv is a public sector IT specialist that saves money for the education, health and public sectors through transforming ICT solutions. As thought-leaders within their sector as well as solution providers, Eduserv’s senior executives need to win hearts and minds.

Ed Zedlewski, CIO and Deputy CEO, was keen to engage clients in innovation and to chip away at their resistance to change. To achieve this, he wanted to develop a different approach less based on complicated lists of facts and more on persuasive storytelling.

Ed recommended the coaching to Stephen Butcher, who subsequently also signed up for one-to-one coaching in the run up to an important conference at which he was to make a keynote address. Stephen was keen to develop a more flexible approach rather than to rely solely on his existing good skills as a presenter.

As a result, Stephen and Ed were able to work even more effectively when communicating as team, and to present a charismatic front for their organisation.


What they say

Many thanks for your help so far. Your advice has made a big difference to my approach and delivery.
Ed Zedlewski
CIO & Deputy Chief Executive
Thank you very much for the sessions this month. I think your training addresses in a very compelling way a combination of planning, content and delivery skills. I’m sure that what I have learnt in these areas can significantly improve my presentations.
Stephen Butcher
Chief Executive