Case study

Mercer Management Consultants

A series of five one-to-one coaching sessions for a management consultant seeking to develop his communication and leadership skills. The training covered projecting a more assured personal presence; communicating successfully in formal presentations and informal meetings; and developing an effective voice.

What they say

I found the sessions with Karen very useful, and they have already started to make an impact in the way I present myself. The most immediate benefit to me was becoming very much more self-aware to the way I communicate. That has allowed me to notice how people react to different styles of communication, and I’ve been able to improve my own style as a result.

In particular, one thing I came to appreciate was how interconnected all the different aspects of communication are. At the very beginning, Karen and I did exercises on posture, breathing, voice, articulation, etc…, and I sort of treated these independently, with my primary focus being articulation. However, by the end of the sessions, I realised that good articulation flowed from good voice, which was a result of good breathing and good posture. Now my focus is on all of these elements.
Alexander Hennessey