Case study

Philips ED&T, Netherlands

A series of one-day group workshops for technical experts whose first language was Dutch, but who needed to communicate in English with internal clients. The participants had a range of objectives, including producing effective newsletter articles and developing editing skills. As well as coaching in style and structure, the participants received feedback on their written materials in a detailed report.

As a result of the training, engineers in both groups began to write more clearly and persuasively. Good word-of-mouth led to more training being scheduled for those engineers who had not signed up for the first round of training courses, and two more groups were trained subsequently.

What they say

Good course! I will recommend it to my colleagues!
Alex Biewenga
It was a great course. A pleasant day and I learnt a lot.
Linda Lengowski
Great course, enthusiastic teacher.
Marq Kole
Product Manager