Case study

The Women’s Resource Centre

A presentation skills group workshop for a team within the Women’s Resource Centre, which supports women’s organisations to be more effective and sustainable.

This workshop for a small team of six gave the participants a chance to both acquire the fundamental skills in the morning, and to practice their own presentations to their various target audiences in the afternoon. Moreover, it was a chance for busy team members (usually externally focused on helping different member organizations) to connect with each other and share best practice.

What they say

It was a fun, energetic and focused workshop which centred in the needs of us all. It was really valuable and good to spend time with memebers of staff who I don’t normally see that often. I learned a lot of useful techniques, such as status – so, so useful and fascinating. I’ll be using the ‘status shift’ in situations other than presentations too. And my slides will be getting a major overhaul!
Ellen Storrar
Development Officer
Really enjoyed it. Interactive and fun, yet I learned a lot of new techniques on how to get better, some things I hadn’t even thought of before. A personable approach to the training too.
Sarah Johansson
Hear Network