Case study

Freight Agency Ltd


The small, tightly-knit team at this busy global logistics company were working under intense pressure. Success depended not only on knowing that they could rely on other team members’ expertise and speedy support, but also their own ability to negotiate calming and effectively with demanding customers from diverse regions and cultures.


We ran two one-day workshops to make sure the whole Freight Agency had the benefit of the learning and a shared language to keep committed to managing their stress independently and with each other. The course helped the team recognise when they were becoming stressed, to understand their own individual triggers, and a range of techniques – psychological and physical – to deal with the symptoms. The team gained tips on stress prevention and how to handle other people’s stress, particularly in situations that threatened to blow up into crises.

Throughout the course, there were opportunities for discussion and exercises for trying out different techniques.


The team reported that since the course they were better able to both cope with the stress of working in a pressured environment, and to communicate effectively without increasing their own stress or that of their colleagues.

What they say

Good delivery, easy to understand and a good listener. The de-stressing techniques were really useful.
David Welland
The course exceeded my expectations. I found especially useful to realise that you can control other people’s perceptions of you, and make yourself less liable to be intimidated. The trainer was friendly, informative and a good communicator.
Lol Tabori
The course was more helpful than I expected, and explained different ways of dealing with stress. I found the physical stress-relieving techniques most useful. I was impressed.
Wayne Thompson