Case study

Lundbeck, Austria

The background

This was a one and a half-day influencing course with a twist. Each delegate had to adapt their strategy to suit the cultural norms of the country or region they were based in, as well as personal preferences of the senior individuals they were aiming to influence. The nationalities included Norwegian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Austrian and more. This was a significant challenge as they needed the tools to be flexible, effective and personalised in their interactions.

The approach

The first day focused on skills and techniques which the group explored through both discussion and practical exercises. They built on their awareness through self-analysis and feedback from the trainer and their colleagues

The second morning was devoted to applying the learning to realistic scenarios which were specially designed by Resonance in collaboration with Mirela Eskinja, Director of Regulatory Affairs.

The outcome

The delegates felt fully equipped to influence a range of audiences, and to create a strategy for themselves which encompassed getting attention, winning business and building partnerships with government bodies.

What they say

Useful exercises, with good management of time. I especially liked that we had some time to reflect during the course so I didn’t leave with a lot of unanswered questions.
Sofia Frentz
Regulatory & Pharmacoviligance Manager
I feel enthusiastic and ready to put into practice what I have learned.
Iuliana Fedorovici
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Pitched just right for this group. It was a good atmosphere. I liked that she gave advice and direct feedback, in a good way however, without offending anyone.
Eva Maria Karg
I have learned a lot for just a day and a half, and come up with solutions for many problems I didn’t know quite how to deal with. Karen truly is a great performer!
Tamara Cupic
Regulatory Affairs Associate