Kari Gerstheimer, Mencap


As a senior leader at Mencap, Kari Gerstheimer was already an experienced speaker and accomplished communicator. However, she decided to get some extra support when she launched a high-level campaign for legal aid to be properly funded for families who had been denied their rights within the care system. She approached Resonance as we had worked together under the umbrella of a leadership development programme by the Centre For Charity Effectiveness.


We collaborated in crafting her speech that she presented to diverse dignitaries at the House of Lords. We jointly edited her drafts, and I suggested different approaches for getting the impact and outcome she wanted. So that Kari could take charge of her own speechwriting in the future, we explored how she could develop her own the writing process and the uses of rhetorical techniques.


Kari now has the skills to take charge of her own speeches. She has the confidence and persuasive force to affect how people perceive important issues in her sector and to win practical support for her campaigns.

Citizens Advice Bureau

A workshop for managers within the CAB, whose responsibilities included leading a largely volunteer team, for whom some of the usual incentives and constraints did not apply. After exploring new techniques and strategies for influencing and leading, the group practised these using specially designed role-plays.

The Women’s Resource Centre

A presentation skills group workshop for a team within the Women’s Resource Centre, which supports women’s organisations to be more effective and sustainable.

This workshop for a small team of six gave the participants a chance to both acquire the fundamental skills in the morning, and to practice their own presentations to their various target audiences in the afternoon. Moreover, it was a chance for busy team members (usually externally focused on helping different member organizations) to connect with each other and share best practice.