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If you want to develop yourself and the way you interact with others, this is where to start.

Here are a range of courses to help you build on your personal strengths and discover new talents you didn’t know you had. You’ll learn techniques to help you with real challenges at work and beyond. Most of all, you’ll get support and encouragement to grow and change.

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For some time now, I’ve wanted to write a blog about how my feminism has informed my work as a coach in influencing and public speaking.

To help me reflect, I reconnected with former women clients across the generations, including a corporate Vice President and a MA student in International Diplomacy. I was intrigued by the diversity of their experiences. I also wanted to know whether our collaboration had helped them feel more empowered in the workplace, and if so, how?

With all this ground to cover, my quick blog has turned into something more like a full-blown essay: The Revolution Will Not Be Delivered On Powerpoint. I’ve shared their stories  – their challenges, their responses and their insights about what feminism means to them. Finally, I’ve made a few suggestions of my own about how a creative, experimental approach can move things forward for us as individual women, and perhaps also collectively.

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